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Defects in buildings may occur as a result of natural wear and tear to the property or else can arise from defective workmanship or materials used in the construction process.  Additionally, damage may also be caused as a result of works carried out by an adjoining owner or persons employed by them.  


Whatever the cause, if not rectified quickly, such defects can frequently lead to premature decay of the building structure and unnecessary additional damage occurring.  Accordingly, it is important to ensure that the cause and extent of the defects are  identified to enable the appropriate remedial works to be carried out, thus preventing the potential for any further damage.


At CPM Associates, our Chartered Building Surveyors are able to inspect and report on the extent and cause of any defects,together with offering recommendations on the works required to correct the defects, together with budget costs.

In circumstances where defects or damage has arisen as a direct result of defective workmanship or damage caused by others, it is possible to recover the cost of the repair works from the parties responsible, together with the costs of making the claim.


In order to successfully do so, it is frequently necessary to obtain an Expert Witness Report from a qualified professional to provide independent support to the claim for damages being made.  


As Chartered Building Surveyors, CPM Associates have the expertise  to provide an independent specialist report in support of valid claims.  Where necessary,  CPM Associates are also able to provide expert witness evidence in resulting court proceedings resulting from the claim.

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