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Commercial Pre-Acquisition Surveys


When considering the acquisition of a freehold or leasehold interest in commercial premises, it is essential to fully understand the implications of any existing defects that may exist or other factors which may affect the intended use and investment potential for the premises.


In addition to any physical defects, CPM Associates are also able to comment on legal compliance matters such as disabled access, fire safety, health and safety matters etc.  Where necessary, CPM Associates can arrange for specialist inspections in respect of the presence of deleterious materials, the condition of existing building services, environmental audits etc.


CPM Associates frequently act on behalf of both commercial clients and private investors in respect of potential commercial acquisitions.

Residential Building Surveys


For most people, a house represents the largest single purchase they will make in their lifetime.  Accordingly, it is imperative to ensure that any significant defects, together with any financial implications are clearly identified prior to proceeding with the purchase.


Each Building Survey undertaken by CPM Associates is tailored to suit the individual client requirements and we are able to implement specialist M&E inspections, environmental audits etc, on the client’s behalf if so  required.


Where existing defects are evident or else where future remedial works are considered likely, CPM Associates are able to provide budget costs to enable sale price negotiations to take place prior to completing the acquisition.

Pre Acquisition & Building Surveys

Disabled Access Audits
Design & Supervision
Neighbourly Matters
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Pre Acquisition & Building Survey Reports