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Disputes between neighbours over the exact position of a boundary line between properties can be a highly emotive subject.


CPM Associates are experienced and able to provide a pragmatic approach to determining true boundary positions taking into account historical information obtained from desk-top research and on site measured surveys.  

This section covers a number of specialised areas where CPM Associates are able to provide expert advice.  The list is not limited to the areas detailed below and should your specific enquiry not be covered here, please contact CPM Associates for further advice.

The introduction of recent legislation has provided a greater control mechanism for dealing with high hedges that adversely affect neighbouring property owners.


CPM Associates are able to advise on the options available to ensure that a satisfactory mediation is achieved without necessitating expensive legal action being taken.

Provided certain criteria are met, the Act provides a means for property owners to gain legal access over neighbouring land in order to carry out essential maintenance and repair works.


CPM associates are able to advise whether your proposals meet the requirements of the Act to enable an Access Order to be successfully obtained.

A right of light is an easement that may be acquired by grant, prescription or by time immemorial.


CPM Associates are able to provide expert guidance on existing rights and any injury that development works may cause, including remedies available.

Where development works require the use of cranes, it is likely that the developer will require access being made in the air space above adjacent properties.  Where no common law rights exist, an appropriate Licence may need to be agreed with the adjoining owners.


CPM Associates able to negotiate the requisite Over-sailing Licence with the adjoining owners.

Neighbourly Matters

Disabled Access Audits
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